Friday, January 07, 2005

My Mother was right

My mom passed away about 2 years home...surrounded by friends and family...just the way she wanted it. I have come to realize that her pearls of wisdom are just that...not the nonsense I once believed they were.

Some examples: "This, too, shall pass" (This one is for ruts and the occassional depression_ "You're just backing up a little to take a running start"(this one is to be used in life altering situations, like firings, divorces, break ups, etc...) "A ships worth isn't measured by how well she sails in calm waters, but by how well she fairs in the wildest storms" (meaning that anyone can get through the easy times w/aplomb, but how you handle the worst and hardest of times is how you should measure your self worth"

In recent weeks, all three of these sayings have been in the forefront of my mind. They're all very true...It passed....I backed up a little...and I faired well in the rough storm. Thanks mom...I really miss you! I know you were with me, whispering those words in my ear.


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