Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Intuition 101

I picked up a book I've had for awhile, but have never completely read. Its on building up your own intuition. The first excercise is to pick one of the topics and just free punctuation, no spelling, no grammar necessary..just here goes:

What would I do with my time if i didn't have to work?

My first thought is to to all the wonderful mysterious places i've always wanted to see. egypt....Paris...Scottland...and all the nooks and crannies of America...I could stop in illinois an see the giant ball of string or have my picture taken at every scenic overlook between here and california. what a great trip that would be. bust exp,oring...seeing...feeling. not workrying about itme or money, just the experience ob being there. i never had the lucxury of just being. i have the luxury of a job and the heavy responsibility of a moragage and a car payment and taxes. not to mention insurance and kids...after i was done traveling or when i got homesick, i'd plant the most wonderful garden anyo of the snooty neighbors has ever seen...i'd make my mom proud with roses and violets and lillies...mayb ea pond with goldfish and a fountain, and it would be peaceful and quiet and beautiful...i could read and relax in the sunshine, but still feel the cool green of the plants. i can amost feel it now, and hear the water and smell the lilacs....i need peace more than i need anything else..more than air, more than water, more than anything....i need inner peace with myself, and peace with my daughter, who hates me right now. i need to feel safe in her future.....

I wrote that blindfolded. Forgive the typos.

In re reading what I wrote, I know why it came out. Today my beautiful 16 year old daughter decided it was a good time to drop out of school....

Maybe the book isn't a bunch of crap, and I need to explore these ideas further?


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