Monday, January 03, 2005

Does anyone ever read these things?

Just wondering....

My first day back to work after vacation. GOD...I'm bitchy. The kid cracked the whip over everyone's head every second of every day....of course other places, such as customer service was lacking, however the all important statistics were excellent.....My bitch was the insubordination. Is my boss says nothing that he has free reign to do what he wants...and I am, in effect, neutered. Luckily the little shit has to go to school or back to his country soon.

I know deep in my soul, that I'm angry that he showed me up. I'm also angry that he ignored my directive...and I'm angry that I"m not the "best". My ego is bruised....and my reputation.

Maybe I need a "life coach"...someone to give me silly assignments that demonstrate how silly I am sometimes. Maybe I need a new job. Maybe I'm burnt out. Time to rearrange the priorities...profit over people and all that jazz.


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